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About GMRS Outlet, LLC (GMRS Outlet, LLC) is an online e-commerce company offering 2-way radio communication products for all 2-way radio customers. Founded in 2007, our orignal focus was to strictly provide radios for GMRS users. However, while our focus is still to help the GMRS Community, most of the products we sell can be used by Ham and Business users. As our market position has changed from the GMRS nitch market to a complete 2-way communcations solution provider, one thing has remained the same - we provide cost effective wireless communication products.

We offer a complete line of 2-way radio and wireless communication products and solutions including portable, mobile and repeater systems - including consultacey based service, support and systems design.

We stand out from the competition in 2 important ways.

  1. We are an Authoirzed Dealer, Reseller or Retailer for every product we sell.  We source all of our products "in-channel" via legitimate distribution relationships.  We do not 2-Step outside of channel - your warranty is 100% valid as the first documented owner of the product you purchase.  Resellers that 2-step product are unable to pass the warranty on to the 2nd buyer of a product per many manufacture warranty policy terms.  
  2. We service what we sell.  As an Authorized Service Center for all manufactures that offer Service Center relationships with their dealer and/or service network we can provide in-house warranty service and repair.  We will not point you to the toll-free number of the manufacture for warranty support, unless required to do so by the manufacture.