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If you need basic sales or technical questions answered please contact us - we will work with you and offer you answers to general questions and help fined the solutions that you need.  At time of initial contact we will determine if the project will require Consultation from our Engineering Department.  

Engineering Department Consultation - (beyond the simple questions and answers):

Our primary mission is to provide low-cost 2-way communication solutions to our customers.  Therefore, our products are priced at very attractive discounts relative to those of our competitors.  To keep pricing low for customers that do not require any consultant assistance before or after the sale we only provide system build and design support and service on a consultancy basis.  Simply put, system build support and service are not included in the base advertised price of the product for large system designs.  Engineering Consultation typically does not apply to customers buying radios for small scale use, adding additional units for existing systems or personal end-users using radios for personal applications. 

Our Sales and Engineering Departments are able to assist with system design Monday through Friday from 9AM-5PM Central Time, except for holidays. Consultation time for system design is based on a flat rate per hour fee of $125 per hour in 15 minute intervals.  When you contact us for pre-sale, post-sale system consultation of any kind you will be asked to supply a basic design requirement - and we will build an estimate on design timelines and fees. 

  • A "system design" is defined as a set of customer provided requirements that will require GMRS Outlet to spend engineering time and effort to provide a custom solution.  This does not include simple questions about the products. 
  • All pre-sale custom system designs that are configured and assembled by GMRS Outlet include post-sale assistance!  If we designed it for you, we will stand behind the system.
  • If you are a self maintained customer and designing at a system level on your own, but feel you will require post sale system support we can help.  Post-sale product technical support from GMRS Outlet can be purchased ad-hoc for those customers with larger self-built and/or self-designed systems.  Please select a service level from our Custom Services Category.  This applies to self maintained customers that have taken design into their own hands, but want support assitance on their system ad-hoc and post-sale.