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Hytera TC-320 Portable

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Micro 16 Channel Radio

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TC-320-U1 (450-470MHz)   +$149.00

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TC-320 is unique for its compact and delicate body, superb sound quality, superior drop protection and ergonomic design. The customized wrist strap will give you an easier as well as more convenient operation, which especially suits for drivers and hotel staff.
This product enables users to fully enjoy the benefits of real-time communication with favorable price.
Delicate, Compact and Durable Body
Strong enough to withstand 1.5m drop with delicate and compact body design.
Fashionable Design and Compact Appearance
With ergonomic design, this slim and compact product can help users relieve themselves of fatigue from long-time operation.
Creative Optional Remote Ring PTT
This HYT’s unique and creative design (Remote Ring PTT) allows users to enjoy more convenient communication just by a finger operation.
Double Injection Molding and Anti-skid Design
The combination of double injection molding and anti-skid technology brings users comfortable and convenient operation experience.
Chargeable and Programmable through Mini USB Interface
You can directly charge or program TC-320 through its new added Mini USB interface. 

Long Battery Life
The 1700mAh high capacity Li-ion battery can secure a battery life up to 10 hours.
Audio Compandor
With advanced audio compandor technology, TC-320 can ensure users quality communication in noisy environments.
This function is used for audio encryption, which can further secure the safety of communication, and those radios without this function are unable to receive real audio.
VOX Earpiece
If VOX (Voice-Operated Transmit) is programmed in your radio, you can communicate through your VOX earpiece to enjoy hands-free operation.
Battery Strength Indicator
Just through a key-press, you can enjoy the convenience of knowing the current battery strength from the color of LED indicator, which accordingly throws away your trouble on the specific charging time.
High/Low Power Switchable
For each channel, the power can be adjusted through the key pre-set as High/Low power switch. When the communication range is small, low power is of priority for battery saving.
Programmable 25 KHz /12.5 KHz Channel Spacing
For future adaptability, users can program the TC-320 channel spacing as 25KHz or 12.5KHz through programming software, no need to buy a new radio.
This function is especially useful when receiving weak signal. Hold down MONI key, the activity in current channel can be monitored.
CTCSS/CDCSS and Squelch Tail Elimination
38 groups standard CTCSS and 83 groups standard CDCSS available. If your radio is set with CTCSS or CDCSS, both the interference from the same frequency and the squelch tail from communication termination or carrier disappearance can be eliminated.
Channel Scan
When scan is enabled, press the side key to start quick scan for all the channels in the scan list. The scan will stop or pause at the channel where a signal is detected.
Auto Battery Save
Radio enters “Battery Save” mode when no signal is received or there is no operation on the radio. This can prolong the battery life through lowering the battery consumption.
Low Battery Alert
Radio will alert users to charge the battery when it runs low.
Busy Channel Lockout(BCL)
BCL can prevent radio from receiving any unconfirmed signal and transmitting signal to any busy channel, keeping the channel clean and free of interference.
Time-out-timer (TOT)
This function is used to avoid time-out occupation of a channel. TOT restricts the maximum duration of each transmission, which not only can realize battery save and reduce the channel block time, but also can avoid the probability of channel occupation because of improper operations.
PC Programmable
This function enables users to program the radio’s frequency and other function settings without disassembling it.
Wired Clone
Users can clone the function parameter of a radio to another radio through the clone cable, requiring no PC programming operation. 


Frequency Range 

400-420 MHz 450-470 MHz

Channel Capacity


Channel Spacing

25 /12.5 KHz

Operating Voltage



1700mAh (Li-ion)

Battery Life(5-5-90 Duty Cycle)

More than 10 hrs

Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature


Antenna Impedance


Dimensions (H×W×D) 

(with battery, without antenna)


Weight (with antenna & battery)



RF Power Output




Spurious and Harmonics


FM Noise


Audio Distortion

≤5 %



0.25/0.28 μV







Rated Audio Power Output


Rated Audio Distortion


All Specifications are tested according to TIA/EIA-603, and subject to change without notice due to continuous development.

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